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Vision old



The mission of Jesus for any church around the world is always basically the same. We express it at Our Saviour like this: To know Jesus and to make Him known, that all become His fully devoted disciples


God’s vision for how He goes about His mission in various places varies greatly depending on the local circumstances and the gifts He has given to His people there. Our vision has taken account of 

1. Connecting with Jesus

2. Connecting as community

3. Connecting to school

4. Connecting our ministries.

It is summarized in the simple phrase Connecting for life.


What is typically valued here is neatly expressed in the anagram C.H.R.I.S.T. …

Children and Youth

Hospitality and Healing

Realness and Relationships

Inspirational Worship

Scripture and Real Presence

Talking with God.


Underpinning our congregational life here are four foundational elements…





The foundational elements are also typical of most churches. They are a bit like the plumbing in a house. They are very important but not really noticed unless they are not working!

Out of this has grown a strategy cycle of events that helps to declare our involvement in both connecting to those yet to know Jesus, all the way to loving and following Him. Each year we have three cycles of events. Each cycle has 3 events that …

CONNECT us as community (events for children and adults)

CELEBRATE God’s story amongst us (exposing God’s story to the local community)

And that gives an opportunity to COMMIT to Christ and our activity here.

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